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Invest in livestock

We are a young company born out of the merger of expert financial and agricultural professionals whose objective is to create an agricultural business accessible to anybody.

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Business cycles

Livestock investments

The process consists of buying and feeding calves between 150 and 180 kg at a rate of 120 animals per lot. There they are fed until they reach the weight between 310 and 330 kg to be before being slaughtered and traded in the form of half- carcasses. At this point, a new business cycle begins which completes the year of investment and the profits are collected.

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Campaign 2019 / 2020
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2 production cycles 2
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Initial investment required: USD 500 per animal
Ciclo anual de la ganadería
Ciclo anual de la ganadería
$30 USD each 6 months per animal Icono rendimiento
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Guaranteed profitability

Our livestock exploitation is already in progress and it will produce a profit in US dollars
of 10% per year guaranteed by the price of beef which works as a commodity.

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Annual profit 10% in US dollars

Agropecuaria Surmax not only feeds the calf but it also commercializes the slaughtered animal in half carcasses. This integration between production and commercialization prevents brokerage costs and allows us to reach the final result of the business without the risks.

Profitability in US dollars

The profitability, in US dollars above other investments with similar risk and term due to the fact that beef is a product which acts as a commodity. That is to say, the price has international rates as grains and oil.


Of all agricultural investments, livestock is the one with the lowest risk because it does not depend on the weather. It is safe, quickly available and sustainable.


The money invested is always supported by a tangible, owned asset, easily identifiable: the animal being fed.


Without doubt, livestock is the opportunity to protect our money’s purchasing power and, at the same time, to produce some profit. Opening the road to becoming a real cattle-breeder business person.


The trend for the export of Argentine beef goes on increasing and is consolidating in the international markets. The livestock activity scenario is more that promising for the next campaigns.


The Surmax professionals count with more than 30 years of experience altogether in the fields and financial markets. We are ready to give advice on your investment in a safe and profitable way.

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The strategic location of our fields has more than significant advantages regarding the costs of commercialization. An animal ready at 120 km from the biggest domestic market, Buenos Aires, and near the export port is key to the expected result of the business.

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Any Questions?

What is the minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment amount is USD 500. This value is used for the purchase, feeding and management of each animal unit.

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What are the investment terms?

The investment terms correspond to the necessary fattening period and the time totrade them in the market. This process takes about 6 months, and it is possible to have 2 campaigns per year. At the end of each campaign, the investor is informed of their yield.

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Where do returns come from?

The return comes from the purchase of the calves(170 kg)which will be fattened and marketed when they are 340 kg.

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What is the productive model?

Surmax deals in fattening animals in an intensive system, commonly known as Feedlot. Among others, this system guarantees higher yields and reliability on the productive process.

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Is it a good time to invest in livestock?

Yes. Livestock has always been recognized as the countryside’s savings account because of its high yields with low risk. Besides, the numbers show constant increases in production and Argentine beef exports (between 2017 and 2018 the increase was 76%).

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What are the risks?

The risks are low, since livestock has the advantage of being able to reorganize under bad weather conditions. Besides,we constantlytake care of the sanitary and nutritional standards monitoring the highest yields in our animals.

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